3D Design

We offer 3D design services and can assist you in when it comes to realising an idea, we have the talent to recreate ancient artefacts or create technical 3D models that are 3D print ready. Our team of 3D artists and technicians are ready to learn more about your project.

We Offer

At Champion 3D we provide both organic sculpting and technical 3D modelling, contact us to learn more about how we can bring your project to life with 3D Modelling and 3D Printing. We’ve designed and 3D printed hundreds of 3D models.

Digital Sculpting




Have a great idea?

Need to recreate an artefact?

We can 3D model it.

We can help with:

Replicating broken/existing parts (e.g. IKEA furniture parts, vintage car parts, parts no longer in production)

Digital 3D sculpting organic models (people, animals, characters, artefacts etc…)

Turning sketches or technical drawings into 3D models

Tweaks, adjustments, mesh correction to your existing 3D model

File format conversion (e.g. DICOM to STL)

Click below to answer our short questionnaire below so we can learn more about your project and better serve you and one of our CAD team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Already have a 3D model?

We offer a quick and easy quoting and ordering. To get started, upload 3D models in STL, OBJ or STEP format.