Medical 3D Printing

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Do you need to bring your medical scan to life? We are here to help. We can convert your medical scan (CT, MRI, DICOM file) into a physical 3D model that you can use to learn, experiment, practice, and educate.

Your patients are unique, and each case you deal with is different. But sometimes looking at a digital scan just isn’t enough. With a 3D model, made using your patient’s unique scan data, you have more ways to learn and interact with your data.

Our 3D models are durable and fully customisable. You can specify the surface finish, infill density, and colour, so your model comes out exactly as you need it. Your model is made from your unique medical scan data, so it is as true-to-life and anatomically accurate as possible. Let us make diagnosing, educating, and preparing for surgery easier for you.

How it works

[font_full1 title=”1. Analyse” link=”” button=”” icon=”search” color=”dark” size=”small” background=”” border=”” spin=”off”]Analyse and extract required components[/font_full1][font_full1 title=”2. Convert” link=”” button=”” icon=”i-cursor” color=”dark” size=”small” background=”” border=”” spin=”off”]Convert components into a 3D-printable file[/font_full1][font_full1 title=”3. Print” link=”” button=”” icon=”print” color=”dark” size=”small” background=”” border=”” spin=”off”]Print on our large-volume machines.[/font_full1][font_full1 title=”4. Deliver” link=”” button=”” icon=”truck” color=”dark” size=”small” background=”” border=”” spin=”off”]Fast delivery straight to your door![/font_full1]Order a 3D Print

About us

At Champion 3D, we can make your dreams a tangible reality. Our 3D printers are optimised to provide you with the best quality 3D models. You can choose from our large selection of materials, colours, and finishes, or just get a model that is true to life.


Jen Botezat

I bring together my passion for science and state-of-the-art technology to offer you innovative and accurate 3D models. I am a graduate of King’s College London where I was immersed in the field of Neuroimaging. Through my research, I have handled a multitude of medical scan data and successfully applied it to my academic work on the human brain.  


What our customer say

“Champion 3D lives up to the name! Josef the owner was extremely diligent and helpful. He went above and beyond expectations to help us polish off the design, and had a superb selection of printing filaments and colours to choose from. Josef even let me come round to video record a last piece of the print. I was very happy with the print resolution and quality. Highly recommended!”

Tristan Copley Smith

Founder / Open Source Beehives

Champion 3D are brilliant, they have excellent knowledge and experience in 3D Printing, their communication ensures that the final prints are good quality and they are cost effective. I needed some prints for an architecture exhibition and Champion 3D managed to complete my order in a matter of days helping me to deliver my model on time. Thank you I’ll be back for more.

Kyri Ioizou

Architecture Student

Champion 3D were very efficient and gave me some excellent advice prior to printing that helped me come up with an excellent result on a budget.

Robin Garms

Voltaware / Marketing DirectorRead more customers reviews

Printed in London

We’re based in London and deliver nationally or you’re welcome to visit our workshop, meet us, discuss your project and collect your prints in person.