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3D Printing for Architecture

3D printing has become increasingly popular for creating custom architectural models. Through our service, you can easily bring site masterplans, building plans, and unique concepts to life. We can create interchangeable 3D models to help you visualise your ideas and make planning decisions. We can 3D print buildings to your custom specifications, including intricate details.

Architectural 3D Prints

Site Plans

We 3D print accurately scaled site masterplans. We can also manufacture interchangeable parts. 

Note: If you design in SketchUp or Rhino, we can help you correct mesh defects prior to 3D printing. 


We can 3D print small and intricate features and details.

Futuristic Concepts

We can manufacture futuristic 3D conceptual models that are hard to create any other way. Read about our work on a mereology tower, commissioned by UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, here. 

Historic Buildings & Landmarks

Create replicas of historic buildings and landmarks with 3D printing. You can choose from a selection of buildings that have already been scanned and shared online through “Scan The World”.

Our 3D Printing Process

1. Request

To place a 3D print order request send us your 3D models in STL, OBJ or STEP formats. If known, please specify the deadline, the material, colour, quantity and print resolution you require.

2. Analyse

We inspect and analyse your models for 3D printability and reply within 24 hours with any model amendments or recommendations, if required.

3. Quote

Once the 3D models are print-ready, we will produce and send a quote based on your specifications along with an estimated print turnaround time.

4. Payment

Once the quote is accepted, we will issue an invoice. Payment can be made via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

5. 3D Print

On receipt of payment, we 3D Print your models and keep you updated on the progress.  We aim for a turnaround of 1 working day, however some orders may take longer.

6. Receive

Collect for free from our 3D Printing studio in Peckham or we can send the models to you via tracked post. We also offer a motorcycle courier delivery option within London.

Common Materials for Architecture


PLA (Polylactic acid) is a non-toxic biodegradable plant-based bioplastic. Strong, durable and versatile, it is available in a vast array of colours. It produces an excellent surface finish and is perfect for architectural 3D prints.


Wood-like, light brown, low-density material similar to balsa wood. Great surface finish, excellent for model-making.

Popular Colours for Architecture


Light Grey

Blue Grey

Light Brown

And many more!

Some of our clients

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