3D Design

Champion 3D specialises in providing a wide array of 3D services, excelling in both artistic organic sculpting and precise technical 3D modelling. Our extensive portfolio showcases the design and 3D printing of a diverse range of models, spanning from ancient artefacts and sculptures to functional pieces. Supported by a skilled team of 3D artists and technicians, we are committed to bringing your ideas to life.

We Offer

3D Sculpting

Organic Modelling


Hard Surface Modelling


We can create organic models such as people, animals, characters, artefacts etc.


Replicating existing objects such as furniture, sculpture, broken parts, other 3D objects.


Turning sketches or technical drawings into 3D model prototypes so you can rapidly test and iterate your ideas


Tweaks, adjustments, mesh correction to your existing 3D model

Some of our work

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