Phantom of the Opera Award

A custom hand-finished 3D printed replica of a theatre set piece, commemorating the closure of Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

The Brief

The client required replicas of a sculpture piece from the set of Phantom of the Opera theatre production, depicting the scene of “The Rape of the Sabine Women”, originally the giant model was made of fibreglass. The replicated sculptures were to be presented to members of the production cast as a token of appreciation for their work. The Phantom of the Opera New York closed April 2023, after 35 years on Broadway.

What We Did

Using a point cloud of scan data provided by the client, we converted the scan data of the original sculpture into a 3D printable digital model. We corrected all artefacts resulting from the scan and optimised the digital sculpture in preparation for 3D printing. We 3D printed several replicas of the sculptures, taking care to ensure sufficient detail around the smaller intricate parts, including the hands and horns.

We hand-finished the sculptures by iteratively polishing the surface to a smooth finish. We hand-painted the sculptures with a bright gold metallic paint to give them a luminous quality.


The resulting 3D pieces were gratefully received by the client, who was impressed with the quality of workmanship. We successfully replicated and preserved an impressive theatre set piece, capturing a moment in the history of a widely acclaimed production.

About Champion 3D

We are an award-winning 3D Design, 3D Printing and Finishing studio founded in 2016 and based at the Design District in North Greenwich.

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