3D Model Finishing

At Champion 3D we have the skills and talent to finish any 3D model that is 3D printed by us. We can match unique colours, or Pantone and RAL colours or even create a specialist look. We can give 3D printed models a glossy or matte finish or even gold or silver leaf 3D printed models.

Our talented artists can bring your models to life and give them the finish you are looking for. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you with a specific finish.

Types of Finshing


We can split larger models into components and then assemble, smooth and finish in your chosen look. You would never know it's 3D printed. See "Girl with Balloon" example.


We have smoothed 3D models to a very fine finish ready for casting. This process removes visible layer lines in a 3D printed model. See "Smoothing" examples.


We can match colours to swatches or physical objects as well as Pantone and RAL codes. We can finish model in gloss or matte. See "Jewellery Display" example for matte finish.


We can apply gold or silver leaf to our 3D printed models. To give that extra special feel to an object. See "Phantom of the Opera" example.

Some of our Finishing Work

We have worked on many projects for many clients over the years. A lot of the finishing we do is smoothing 3D printed models as well as applying custom colours or effects to a a model. Below is some of our finished models and some of the process we have taken to get to the final finish. From luxury window displays for a jewellery shop in Burlington Arcade, to an in-house digitally sculpted 3D Twitter Bird created as a prop for a BBC TV documentary, as well as some finishing of gold models for the Phantom of the Opera and a private commission of “Girl With Balloon” by Banksy that we interpreted and 3D sculpted digitally in-house, 3D printed in parts, assembled and finished.

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