Twitter Logo Bird Sculpture

We interpreted the 2D Twitter logo as a unique custom 3D sculpture for a BBC Panorama documentary

The Brief

The client required a large twitter bird sculpture to use as the central prop for the Panorama documentary “Elon Musk’s Twitter Storm”, filmed on location in San Francisco. The Twitter (now “X”) logo bird 3D sculpture required a custom stand to hold it up and its colour had to exactly match the ‘twitter blue’ branding.

What We Did

We interpreted the classic flat blue twitter logo as a one-of-a-kind custom 3D sculpture.

Our talented 3D artist sculpted the twitter bird digitally, interpreting how the wings, head, and body would look in 3D. We 3D printed the sculpture using biodegradable sustainable material (PLA). We also designed and 3D printed a translucent pedestal for the bird to sit atop.

Our finishing artist then colour-matched and painted the 3D twitter bird sculpture in ‘twitter blue’, sanding and refining the finish to achieve a smooth matte look.


The 3D twitter logo bird sculpture was gratefully received by the client and showcased in multiple scenes and locations in the Panorama documentary “Elon Musk’s Twitter Storm”. The twitter bird sculpture helped tell the story as a one-of-a-kind visual aid.

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