Rapid Prototyping using 3D Printing

Rapid prototyping is a process by which you can quickly create a scale model of your new product using additive manufacturing. You can then use this scale model to explore and test the functionality of your proposed product, ensuring that it behaves as you expect. Over consecutive iterations, you can refine the product’s performance and appearance. 3D printing allows you to prototype quickly, which in turn brings the product to market faster. Through our fast turnaround 3D printing service, you can often have multiple iterations of your product manufactured within the same week.

Examples of 3D Printed Prototypes

Functional Prototypes

With functional prototyping, you can test different designs for your product until you achieve the desired effect. Some factors to consider include model density, flexibility required, tolerances and component fit. You can test all these factors using a 3D printed prototype.

Here is an example of the multiple iterations we developed to bring The Third Thumb project to life. Multiple design and model print settings were tested before arriving at the final version of the product.

Aesthetic Prototypes

The look of your product is another important point. You can test multiple aesthetic choices quickly using 3D printed prototypes, such as colour, material and design variations.

Material Test Prototypes

With 3D printing, you can manufacture your prototype in a range of materials. As well as PLA bioplastics, we also offer 3D prints in wood, brass, copper, steel and bronze composites.

For more flexible prototypes, we offer rubber-like TPU materials with various Shore Hardness such as NinjaFlex. We can also 3D print with high durability materials like Polymax (20% stronger than ABS), and high temperature resistant materials, among others.

Strength & Durability Testing

Test the quality of your product by destroying it! We can 3D print prototypes for strength, stress, and durability testing. And don’t forget to test those tolerances to ensure a good fit.

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