Sustainable Tap Handles for Gipsy Hill Brewery

Custom sustainable tap handles, designed and 3D-printed for a South East London brewery

The Brief

The client, an established and growing brewery in South East London, sought to develop a custom 3D-printed tap handle for their range of draught beers. The tap handles needed to be made in a sustainable material and would be shipped to suppliers who stock Gipsy Hill products across the country. The brewery had previously manufactured these tap handles in China, in a brittle resin material, but wished to pivot to a more local and more sustainable manufacturing method.

What We Did

We used the Gipsy Hill logo and typography as a basis to create a 3D model of the tap handles. We divided the handle into 2 parts, the main body in black and a text insert in white. We also researched and developed a custom neck with a screw thread. This design allows the tap handle to be easily screwed on to any standard tap. We 3D printed the tap handles in a sustainable biodegradable material (PLA) and tested them for their durability and longevity and put them to use at the Gipsy Hill Tap Room. They proved to be very reliable and strong.


We designed and manufactured a custom 3D-printed tap handle in a sustainable material that is durable, ergonomic, memorable, and easy to use. The brewery regularly uses this product, and orders additional batches of tap handles on-demand, which we can produce quickly from our studio which isn’t far away. The tap handles are a great example of how local and sustainable manufacturing can be used by companies to innovate and modernise their manufacturing supply chain.

About Champion 3D

We are an award-winning 3D Design, 3D Printing and Finishing studio founded in 2016 and based at the Design District in North Greenwich.

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