At Champion 3D we pride ourselves on our great service, fast turnaround and high-quality printing, we use premium 3D filament from ColorFabb, PolyMaker, to name a few (all made in Europe to the highest standards). Our 3D printers have large build volumes (300x300x400mm) and can print in many materials, from tough and robust bioplastics (Derived from renewable resources) like PLA , PHA, PET-G,, PolyMaker PolyMax (20% Stronger than ABS and non-toxic), to flexible rubber-like materials like TPU, TPE, NinjaFlex, SemiFlex, even wood and metal-based materials and many more. Contact us here if you have a specific requirement or a question.

We have a vast range of colours available and can order in custom colours if required. In addition to our colour range, we also print glow in the dark and wood materials. Send us a message and we can answer any questions you have. If you'd like an estimate on cost and you already have digital models (STL, OBJ), email them to us or upload them using the button below. If you don't have a 3D model then we also offer 3D Modelling services.

We offer discounts on bulk orders and a 25% discount to students registered with 3D Hubs student programme. We can 3D print jobs of any size, from small 1 offprints to batch prints of 1,000 parts. Read about one of our latest and largest client prints here, delivered in rapid time and made up of 1,000 parts!

We're based in London and you're welcome to come and visit us or collect your prints by appointment, just let us know when you order that you'd like "pickup".

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